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wood dining room furniture Wood Dining Room Furniture

Most modern extending dining table require the addition of a new piece or complex series of actions to change them from four small dinner table to a full length design. This simplified version is more functional, interactive and attractive than most of its more complex cousins. Find more info on new onbuy site here.

Pulling action at both ends of the table is all it takes to fold up the extra leaf in the middle. In extended form, the resulting form also comprises a central area highlighted in white to match the surrounding wood, producing a kind of center for more official occasions.

A series of similar aesthetic chair follows as part of an extendable dining table set – with a useful hangar space for hats and coats along their backs or implicitly built-in visual reference to the point of conversion action in the heart of the design by Iohanna Pani.

Feb 232010

Computer Furniture by Jahnke

computer furniture for home Home Computer Furniture

Jahnke computer furniture range allows you to design a work environment that’s right for you. Is the furniture as a home computer or office computer furniture, Jahnke computer furniture let you do anything, from the point of creating a computer workstation furniture to install a truly solutions save space.

With a strong and impressive look, this computer furniture also offers fresh colors and modern furniture and a selection of computer storage. A little tailored, you can also design it for your own media center furniture. [Via]

Feb 232010

ELLIPSES by Giuseppe Viganò

The repeated signature elliptical motif becomes shape and object. This modular seating system allows the realization of different configurations. The modules are proposed in the version: concave, convex and straight. The distinctive elliptical shape recalls traditional hand worked elements but applied to the new material BoPiFil, available in white, black and honey. The metal frame is lacquered for outdoor use in white, black and honey. The seat cushions are in polyethylene foam with closed cells. The backrest cushions are in polyester hollow fibre flock and are fixed to the backrest frame by a distinguishing frog detail. Covers are removable.

Feb 222010

PUSH table by Svilen Gamolov

Ergonomic dining set concept and hi-tech furniture ideas by Svilen Gamolov. This ergonomic furniture is named “Push Table” construct under a contemporary futuristic design that will raises your interior ornament. Comes with opposite Black and White colours, the Push Table concept are designed to glow on their own and appear to be designed in such a manner that your back is based on its “holes”. [Via]

Feb 212010

Vitrea from Braal

kitchen furniture sets Kitchen Furniture Sets

When modern design combined with the natural element will produce amazing results. Austrian company, Braal, established only 5 years ago, produced such combine in their contemporary kitchen design, called Vitrea. The kitchen is marked by great verity of modules, their elegant look and placement opportunities. Most of the elements of the kitchen has a brown glossy lacquered surfaces of natural wood framed. These designs can easily be combined with the interior space to create a grateful open plan home. Vitrea is symbiotic of innovative design and top quality expertise. [Via]

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